Go Back to Normal

normal wasn’t working.

normal had become marooned in a blind sea

normal had a lilo. a jetski. a yacht.

normal put on new clothes and a wig


normal went out in disguise.

normal told you what you wanted to hear like an abusive lover.

normal said it would never end.

normal set light to everything you held dear.

normal rewrote the rules, made you trust it.

normal was stone deaf, tone deaf, shown deaf

and proud of it.

normal was a killer. normal was a cult.

normal was a lottery with secret rules.

normal was a game of monopoly, normal would never allow you park lane for your single house, normal said it would let you have old kent road if you were lucky, normal never drew the card that said go directly to jail.

that wasn’t normal

normal was the banker with a secret stash.

normal wore the scent of burning fossil fuels 

normal said it was chanel number five. 

normal wasn’t working.

hadn’t worked

never worked

normal said that you could have it all too if you just 

worked a little



normal wasn’t working.

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