As I wrote yesterday’s blog the news about George Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis was booming. Today its repercussions are spreading across America. Atlanta’s on fire. Parts of New York look like a warzone. There are stories emerging of an Aboriginal woman dying in police custody in Australia having been arrested because of personal debt. That’s a weird, Dickensian thing to write. In the UK I’ve seen social media posts from 2014 reminding us that the 2011 riots were sparked by the killing of Mark Duggan, an unarmed black man, by a police officer who, it’s said, subsequently lied about it. And got away with it. These are painful times. 

And it seemed to me that the comment in yesterday’s blog about slavery might be seen to be glossing over such incidents. Cloaking them in the big picture. Well, the big picture’s important. But it’s also why we must keep the memories of people such as George Floyd alive. These things are inherently connected. Plot, plan, strategize, organise and mobilise. The great Killer Mike (Run the Jewels) put it better than me. 

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