NEWS: I’m starting an imprint. Or rather, have started an imprint. Along with my friend and fellow author Hannah Persaud (who is brilliant, read her novel The Codes of Love if you haven’t already), we will be bringing out brand new works of fiction, in print, starting with a collection of climate emergency-themed short stories in time for Christmas.

Short is the word. Because Seventy2One is so called as we won’t publish anything longer than seventy thousand words (about 250-ish pages); but the One is since we’d prefer if all stories were at least one thousand words long. We want books you can carry with you, slip into your pocket or bag and not feel like you’re carting a house brick around with you.

We’re concentrating on literary fiction, mainly concerned with the major issues of the times we live in; so right now that’s climate change, the environment and other social issues. We want to discover new writers as well as offering a route to print for a few people who are known to us and who deserve to have their words in bookshops.

Seventy2One will come under the umbrella that Alec Bowman_Clarke and started last year when we made our short (that word again) film, Overheads. Massive Overheads Productions has morphed into a groovy little arts co-operative and Seventy2One is its publishing arm.

The intention, following this year’s anthology, will be for two novels next year, along with a series of chapbooks, single or double story publications that will come out in limited numbers and sell for less than the price of a Caffè Nero Hot Chocolate Milano (currently £3.20). Beyond 2022, well, let’s see how things go. But two novels a year, plus the chapbooks, feels about right.

So, Seventy2One. Small volumes. Loud voices.

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