Writer of fiction, screenplays, poetry.

Born in the London Borough of Bromley. Now living in North Yorkshire.

Previous lives in theatre, the Savoy Hotel, commercial television, events, brand consultancy, customer publishing.

Make a great risotto. Plenty of Parmigiano.

Art lover. Albert Irvin, Neil Canning, Frank Bowling, Barbara Hepworth, Bernhard Vogel, Johnnie Cooper, Jules Olitski.

Play guitar. Only a little better than badly. Draw. Not as well as I play guitar. 

Can ride a horse. Just.

Other Things I have a Thing For: Flamenco, hand-wound watches, the sound of seagulls, first editions, cashmere socks, big skies, beautiful eyewear, Christmas carols, people whose drive and ambition is focussed on social betterment rather than commercial gain, starlings, heady perfume, sepia, the architecture of cathedrals, racehorses, most cats, hidden gargoyles, wind power, mince pies, handwritten postcards, spaniels.