I’m not one who submits work a great deal, and I submit poetry very rarely. The following is a (short) list of poetry that has been published:

Wild Swimming was selected for the Ripon Poetry Festival 2021 Anthology, The Other Side of the Looking Glass, as part of the fourth Ripon Poetry Festival.

If History Teaches Us Nothing was published in Strix, issue 6

It Was Only a Patch on the Wall was published by Stories for Homes, Volume 2.

Semi-Finality Blues was published in Magma poetry magazine, issue 37.

…and there was one other, published as part of an anthology by Dodo Ink, but I cannot remember what it was or what it was called, and since that collection seems to have vanished into the ether and the Dodo site doesn’t seem to work anymore, it’s consigned to the vestiges of history.